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Running and Sole Searching.

Goals. This has been a pretty big topic in my life right now. Between New Year’s goal making and thinking about things while I was sick, there’s been a lot of tossing around of the word. Goals. Its a big little word. It means a lot and usually involves a lot more. We should all … Continue reading

New Year. New Goals.

Good morning and Happy New Year! It’s the second day of the new year… Are you still on track for reaching your resolutions or have you already fallen off the wagon? Because there aren’t enough articles on the interwebs on how to keep your resolutions, I’m going to give you my take and it might … Continue reading

Expanding Horizons: Hot Yoga.

Happy Tuesday to you! Running is my first true love. I love, love, love running. What I don’t love is how tired and sore I get after a week of high mileage (I use that term very loosely) or some good quality runs sprinkled in with some light and easy recovery runs. Like most runners, … Continue reading


Hello lovely people! I did not intend to take such a long break from the blog world but it happened. And now I’m back. Let’s celebrate! So much to catch up on. I’ve done quite a few races. Some I actually placed in (yippee!) and some I was just another pretty face crossing the finish … Continue reading

I Won! {Charleston Half Marathon Recap}

Well, I didn’t really win the race. But I kicked some major asphalt, PR’d and surpassed my goal. So I did win. In my heart. Aww… Its a small race. Small town feel. Small amount of people. And best of all, small entry fee! I didn’t take any pictures because I was too focused on … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Yes, I can still say that because technically I haven’t seen you lovely people since last year. November 7th of last year, to be exact. Okay, so I’m going on about a 2 month hiatus. Pretty sure I wasn’t missed too much. Don’t tell me that I’m correct. I might cry. I have been on … Continue reading

Race Anticipation.

I’m so excited for this weekend. For several reasons, one of which is because I’m ready to rock (and roll, du-du-dum) this Savannah half marathon. I’ve got some new kicks. Mizuno Wave Rider 16. And wine never hurt. I’ve got a real goal in mind. Of all the races I’ve ever done (spoiler alert: not … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {10/28 – 11/03}

Better late than never, right. Right? Monday 10/28 Rest. Tuesday 10/29 Rest. Apparently, I was tired. Wednesday 10/30 Rest. Just kidding. AM – 5.5 mile run, 52:12, 9:30 pace PM – CrossFit 12 x 40m sprints, rest is the walk back to the start line 10 minute core tabata (alternate side and regular planks, every … Continue reading

What Makes You a Runner?

Woo, half way through the workweek! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about races. Probably because its marathon season so I see it all over the place. Blogs. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Marathons are everywhere. But I still haven’t done one. I’ve been running for close to a decade (holy crap!) and have never done a … Continue reading