Posted in January 2015

Running and Sole Searching.

Goals. This has been a pretty big topic in my life right now. Between New Year’s goal making and thinking about things while I was sick, there’s been a lot of tossing around of the word. Goals. Its a big little word. It means a lot and usually involves a lot more. We should all … Continue reading


Frustrations and Remembering Where We Started.

This year started off really well for me. I dove head first into some of my resolutions goals. I was active on more days that I was not. I started making plans for training and before the first of the year even came, I was consistently following through on most of the planned things. Then … Continue reading


New Year. New Goals.

Good morning and Happy New Year! It’s the second day of the new year… Are you still on track for reaching your resolutions or have you already fallen off the wagon? Because there aren’t enough articles on the interwebs on how to keep your resolutions, I’m going to give you my take and it might … Continue reading