Hello lovely people! I did not intend to take such a long break from the blog world but it happened. And now I’m back. Let’s celebrate!

So much to catch up on. I’ve done quite a few races. Some I actually placed in (yippee!) and some I was just another pretty face crossing the finish line. Either way, all good experiences.

Let’s begin with the 2 races that I placed in:

Save the Light Half Marathon (2/1/14), which was also just a mere two weeks after the Charleston Half Marathon. 1:51:08. Which was also a new PR for me! I came in 3rd in my age group. I’ll take it! The prize? A sweet pint glass.

SaveTheLightHalfGlassThe second race was the i5k (4/17/14). 22:25. Originally thought to have come in third in my age group, but lucky for me, the person who came in first was actually a guy wearing a bib registered to a woman. Cheater. I kid! So, I officially came in second! I got another awesome pint glass, a $35 gift certificate to a local running store and a tube of Nuun! I won’t bore you with a picture of all that stuff. So here’s an awesome picture of my awesome running form. Again, I kid. 🙂 But seriously, check out the awesome beard on the guy next to me! Awesome. (Sorry, just had to fit it in there again!)

i5K14  145 2
Onto other good things happening. My friends were able to put up with me for another relay race and we did the Palmetto 200 again together. I have to say, what happens on Palmetto 200 stays on Palmetto 200. But I can tell you that it involved a mega phone, hilarious portta potty stops, lots of deli meat, LOTS of rain and a sad, sad clown, who was a part of our team our unofficial mascot, although we were worried about him being too close to schools and playgrounds.

I got some new wheels.

To be clear, I am referring to the bicycle and not the car. Although I wouldn’t turn a new car down! Just sayin’… If any of you are in the generous mood to give!

And the most recent excitement is finding tons of live sand dollars and starfish in the ocean last weekend!

Now that the summer is most definitely upon us, I’m thinking fall races. I would like to do more 5ks and would finally like to (maybe) tackle that marathon. Maybe.

What’s something exciting you’ve done in the last 3 months?
Any fall races you’ve got your eye on?
Are you and/or your family going on any summer vacations?

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