I Won! {Charleston Half Marathon Recap}

Well, I didn’t really win the race.

But I kicked some major asphalt, PR’d and surpassed my goal. So I did win. In my heart.


Its a small race. Small town feel. Small amount of people. And best of all, small entry fee! I didn’t take any pictures because I was too focused on running. And being awesome.

Savannah, I PR’d with (2:01:xx) but did not beat my goal of sub 2 hours. I cried. Because I was a baby. And because I was so frustrated that I was so close but didn’t make it.

This half was awesome. I PR’d with a 1:52:29! Needless to say, I. AM. STOKED. That’s an 8:32 pace.


Garmin Half

I’ve been doing a lot some speed work and apparently it works. Whoda thunk it, right?! Speed works makes you faster. There’s a concept.

Anywho. Race started off pretty chilly (36*). And windy (14 mph constant winds with gusts up to 25). So, it really felt super cold (27*). And it really wouldn’t have been so bad if it was a tail wind. But it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t even kind enough to be a side wind. It was a full on pain-in-the-behind headwind. For 8-9 miles. And my hammies were barking the entire race because of the workout I did at CrossFit on Wednesday.

As super excited as I am about this major PR, I do wonder how I would’ve done without the headwind and/or barking hams.

Since then I have really been stoked about doing more races, of varying distances. Up and coming in the next few months I’ve got another half, an 8k, a 10k, 200 mile ultra-relay race, 5k and probably another 10k in there somewhere.

I’ve been getting some quality runs in. Trying to make every run count. Not just running to run, but every run needs to have a purpose. And I’m loving it.

What’s your latest PR?
Race you’re stoked about doing?

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