Happy New Year!

Yes, I can still say that because technically I haven’t seen you lovely people since last year. November 7th of last year, to be exact. Okay, so I’m going on about a 2 month hiatus. Pretty sure I wasn’t missed too much. Don’t tell me that I’m correct. I might cry. I have been on the Instagram occasionally, so if you miss me that much (I’m sorry if that’s really the case) you can follow me!

I hope you all had a great holiday season and had a wonderful (and safe) ringing in of the New Year!

We certainly had a wonderful one! Everyone loved their presents and we were in bed by 12:30 on New Years. And I started off the new year right with a 12.5 mile run with some great friends!

Last time I wrote, I was getting ready to rock Savannah. And rock it, I did not.

I went into with a goal. I wanted to sub 2-hours. And I didn’t want to walk. Guess what? I didn’t sub 2-hours nor did I run the whole thing. I did still PR. But I still cried at the end because I was so frustrated am such a baby. I PR’d by a couple minutes and I came in at 2:01:xx.

I was pissed. When people at CrossFit asked and I told them that I was so upset about that, they said, “well, that’s close!” My reply? “No its not! You suck!” Just kidding. That would’ve been mean. What I really said was, “well, it’s like you’re going for a 300 pound back squat but you only get 298.” To which I received a resounding, “oooooh. I get it.”

I have a way with words. Ha! Obviously I’m kidding. Have you read my blog?

Since Savannah I’ve signed up for two more races and having running my butt off. Not really, because I’m pretty sure my butt’s been growing from squats. Either way, I’ve been running a lot.

I have a half marathon in 1 week. One week! And I’m feeling really good about it. I WILL sub 2-hour this one. I know it in my bones. Because the last long run I did alone, I averaged an 8:49 pace for 10 miles. And I only need a 9:06 pace to hit 1:59:59.

The two weeks later I have another half marathon. Not sure I’m going to have any goals for that because its so soon after. But if I fall apart this time, then I will have the same goal then… And if I don’t hit it then I’ll give up running forever cry and wait til next year.

I’ve really found my passion for running again. I rounded out 2013 with 636 miles. Not a lot, but I keep in mind that I was injured and out for a little over a month. Most of my running occurred September through December anyway. Since my half, I’ve really re-found my love for running. My passion for getting out there and leaving it all on the road.

Any races coming up?
Any recent PRs this racing season so far?


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you! Glad to hear you had a great holiday, sad to hear about your missed PR…but big ups on not getting too down on yourself and getting back into another half! Best of luck on achieving your goal this time around!

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