Race Anticipation.

I’m so excited for this weekend. For several reasons, one of which is because I’m ready to rock (and roll, du-du-dum) this Savannah half marathon.

I’ve got some new kicks. Mizuno Wave Rider 16. And wine never hurt.


I’ve got a real goal in mind. Of all the races I’ve ever done (spoiler alert: not many) I’ve never set a real goal.

I think part of the reason is because I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself and then fail and then feel bad about myself, even though I ran xx amount of miles. No one needs that in their life.

Another reason is because I’ve never done a 5k without a kid (read: stepson). The only 10k I’ve done was with a friend who was nursing an injury so I stayed with her until the turn around/half way point.

Point being: I’ve never tried to push and hit a specific time.

I’m ready to try it. I’m ready to race this race. I’m not in it to win it because, well, I’m not fast so I would super-suck at hitting that goal, but I’m in it to push myself. I’m not telling you what my goal is because I’m superstitious I don’t want to jinx myself. Whether or not I hit it, I’ll tell you what it was in my recap that will be up about 3 months after the race. Kidding. Hopefully.

I feel really good about this training that I’ve had. I’ve had some really, really good runs and I’ve had some really, really bad runs. All in all, I feel prepared. I feel ready. And even if I’m not, its too late. This ain’t college where you can pull and all nighter to cram. Because if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to run the race. Maybe that’s just me.

I’m also super excited because this is the first time that I’ve done this race (out of 3 times) that I’m actually staying downtown. The past two years I’ve had to stay outside of town and have either had to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to catch a shuttle bus OR wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to park in the parking garage downtown before they closed the streets. That means, I get to sleep for an extra HOUR! No 4:00 wake up calls for this gal! And I can get my warm up in on my half mile perusing to the start line.

Are you doing any races this weekend?
Do you announce to everyone what your goal time is before going into a race?
If you race out of town, do you try to book a hotel close to the start?


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