Weekly Workouts {10/21 – 10/27}

And just like that, the weekend is over. Whomp whomp.

I still think that we need to either move to a school schedule (fall break, Christmas vacation, spring break, summer vacation…) OR reverse our schedule (2 day work week, 5 day weekend). I do think it would greatly boost employee morale. Maybe.

Monday 10/21

PM – CrossFit
Strength: 1-1-1 power clean @ 95% 1RM (85#)
METCON: 8 min AMRAP (2 + 175m, Rx)
200m run
15 KBS 55/35
20 KB OH lunges 55/35

Tuesday 10/22

AM – 5.5 mile run, 54:00

Wednesday 10/23


Thursday 10/24

AM – 6.65 mile run 1:00:44 ah-maze-ing run.
PM – CrossFit, open gym
1 RM Deadlift, 175# (+10# from previous!!)
Worked on pullups, strict and kipping
30 wallballs 14#

Friday 10/25

PM – 4.0 mile run. Sucky run.

Saturday 10/26


Sunday 10/27

AM – 14.3 mile run, 2:19:11. A PDR!! 

How were your workouts this week?
What was the highlight, not necessarily health related?
Did you hear about people who were making noise complaints about the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Fran? How about they were all directed to a phone sex line?!

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