Just Get it Done.

Whew, so glad we made it to Friday alive. This was one helluva week, busy and stressful.

You know how I quell that stress? Running, duh! Taking my stressed-outness out on the weights at CrossFit helps, too.

So lets talk about running, because I like it. I assume you have some sort of admiration for it, or you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog. Unless you read it for the jokes. Ha, like that one.

As runners, we all will eventually have at least a few true mezamashii runs. The runs that feel amazing. Time just stands still but you feel like you can just keeping running. You feel like you can just keep pushing your body and your body will just do it, no hesitation. Its the kind of run you wish you didn’t have to have a time cap on because of work or other obligations. Those runs, unfortunately won’t happen every day.

And because they’re guaranteed to not happen every day, we can revel in the thought of them when we plagued by a bad run. I know some people will tell you that there is no such thing as a bad run.

They lie.

A bad run happens when you need to use the bathroom but there’s no where to relieve yourself. No. Where. Because you’re in an established neighborhood in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon and your house is two miles away. A bad run happens when the day after one of those amazing runs you can’t even get your breath and step in a rhythm and get a crap in the first quarter mile. A bad run happens when every morsel of your being feels as if its on fire with every step during every. single. millisecond.

Those bad runs serve a purpose though, they make or break a run and sometimes the runner. Sometimes we put on our war face and suffer through to a certain milestone within the run or just go through with the whole damn miserable thing, step by miserable step. They’re some of the most crucial building blocks to becoming a strong runner. Not just physically, but mentally. Because these bad runs are tough to muddle through. Sometimes I’d rather go back to calculus than finish that bad run.

These bad runs also make us enjoy and appreciate the next amazing run we end up having and the ones we’ve already run.

I know I said I had some awesome thoughts to share, but I finished a bad run. A bad run (after an amazing run yesterday) to finish off a bad week.

I’ll stop complaining. Because no one likes a whiner. Not even me. So right now I don’t like myself. So I’ll suck it up, buttercup, be a wino and turn this frown upside down and have an absolutely awesome weekend.

So I hope you do too!

Any amazing plans this weekend?
Last bad run you had?
What did you do: suffer through, cut it short, or nip it in the bud and not even do it?

P.S. – In case you cared were wondering, the hamstring is 100% better! Wahoo!


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