Weekly Workouts {10/14 – 10/20}

Oo, lucky readers, you are! You get a double whammy of weekly recaps. Mainly because I’m a slacker and I didn’t post last week’s until a few minutes ago.

Monday 10/14

AM – 3.0 miles, 31:14
Tough run! Legs felt heavy!

Tuesday 10/15


Wednesday 10/16

AM – 9.3 mile run, 1:30:13

PM – CrossFit
Strength: 5-5-5 Push Press (55-65-75)
METCON: 6 Rounds (20:51, Rx)
100m sprint
10 WB 20/14
20 WB twists
*rest on walk back to 100m line, sprint when ready

Thursday 10/17


Friday 10/18

Rest. I think I broke my right hamstring.

Saturday 10/19

Rest. Yup, its broken, but feeling better.

Sunday 10/20

AM – 5.0 mile run, 46:50

How many miles did you cover last week?
If you’re training for a long race, when is your peak week?

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