My Run in Picutres.

Hello! Hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday. Because I haven’t. Okay, that’s a lie. But it hasn’t been great. I felt horrible on my run and the Patriots lost.

So let’s get my our spirits up again and talk about something good. I’m pretty good at not taking pictures. It is kind of my specialty. But today I ran to another part of town and, for all of you lucky people, I took pictures of my run…












And for good measure to show you a lame selfie prove that I was running, here’s a sweaty face & me sporting my ProCompression watermelon socks.



FYI – It should be illegal for it to be so hot in October! 80* with 85% humidity. This run was tough, tough, tough. Mostly because I was not anticipating the heat/humidity and did not plan my fluid intake like I should have. So I suffered through the first 6.5 to a gas station where I stopped and got a drink and munched on some gummies. Helped for the first .5 mile after, but then I felt just as sluggish and awkward as I had before.

As bad as this run was, I’m glad I did not give up and completed the 10.25 mile run as planned. Plus the bad runs make us appreciate the good ones even more.

When was the last bad run you had?
How about the last awesome fly-by run you had?
Do you stay in your area for long runs or drive for a change of scenery?

3 thoughts on “My Run in Picutres.

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