Birthday Celebrations!

The work week is almost over. Do I hear a collective “phew!“? Maybe its just me…

Anywho. This past weekend was the celebration of my 20-something’th year of being alive. Let’s just say I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20… I’m practicing keeping my age a secret. Although, sometimes I don’t feel/act like my age and I’m more like 12.

What birthday celebration would be complete without a day weekend full of running?! I was super excited and felt so much more confident in my training by covering a total of 27 miles last week, almost 15 of those were covered Friday – Sunday.

And what’s a birthday girl to do after covering so many miles on the birthday weekend? Birthday brunch of course!

birthday_brunchMm. I just licked my computer screen.

My awesome husband made reservations at a restaurant downtown called Husk. I would describe it as eclectic southern cuisine. A lot of southern ingredients but paired with things you wouldn’t normally think to pair it with. Example: my french toast with fresh cream and maple glazed pig ears. Weird combo? Yes. Delicious? Heck yes! Bruce got the quail over grits with poached eggs and spinach.

He surprised me and had a little get together with some friends from CrossFit. They were in cahoots about this a couple weeks prior. So. Sweet.

We managed to turn brunch into a 6-course meal. Champagne, appetizers, mimosas, main course, dessert, frangelico-type drink. It wasn’t frannie, but something else that I found completely disgusting.

Ugh. Delicious. I need to have a birthday (celebration) every weekend.

I was given this delicious cupcake at work…

IMG_0933It was as big as my head.

And because I love my furchildren, here are some pictures of them.


Do you like to party big for your birthday or keep it low-key?
Do you drink Frangelico or anything similar?
If you are training for an upcoming race, how’s it going?

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