Posted in October 2013

What Makes You a Runner?

Woo, half way through the workweek! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about races. Probably because its marathon season so I see it all over the place. Blogs. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Marathons are everywhere. But I still haven’t done one. I’ve been running for close to a decade (holy crap!) and have never done a … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {10/21 – 10/27}

And just like that, the weekend is over. Whomp whomp. I still think that we need to either move to a school schedule (fall break, Christmas vacation, spring break, summer vacation…) OR reverse our schedule (2 day work week, 5 day weekend). I do think it would greatly boost employee morale. Maybe. Monday 10/21 PM … Continue reading

Just Get it Done.

Whew, so glad we made it to Friday alive. This was one helluva week, busy and stressful. You know how I quell that stress? Running, duh! Taking my stressed-outness out on the weights at CrossFit helps, too. So lets talk about running, because I like it. I assume you have some sort of admiration for … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {10/14 – 10/20}

Oo, lucky readers, you are! You get a double whammy of weekly recaps. Mainly because I’m a slacker and I didn’t post last week’s until a few minutes ago. Monday 10/14 AM – 3.0 miles, 31:14 Tough run! Legs felt heavy! Tuesday 10/15 Rest. Wednesday 10/16 AM – 9.3 mile run, 1:30:13 PM – CrossFit … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {10/7 – 10/13}

Happy Monday! Monday 10/7 Rest. Tuesday 10/8 Rest. Wednesday 10/9 AM – 5.25 mile run, 51:10 PM – CrossFit METCON: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 15:08 Rx KBS 55/35 Pushups Air squats KTE Thursday 10/10 AM – 8.15 mile run, 1:19:39 PM – CrossFit (open gym) Back Squat work 5 @ 85# 4 @ 105# 3 @ 115# 2 … Continue reading

Damn DOMS.

Hello, hello! Lately I’ve been living on a runners high, for sure. I’ve gotten in some really great long runs (and some that were less than great). I’ve also been hitting up CrossFit 2-3 times per week. During that runners high I’ve thought of some really awesome posts I was going to write. Well, awesome … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {9/30 – 10/6}

Happy Monday! Had another great week in the books last week… Monday 9/30 PM – CrossFit Strength: 2 Squat Clean & Jerks, EMOM 20 minutes @ 53# METCON: 12:34 30-20-10-5 Push press 95/65 (43# for the first 30, 33# for remaining) Box jumps 30/24 (20″) Tuesday 10/1 Rest. Wednesday 10/2 AM – 9.0 mile run, … Continue reading

My Run in Picutres.

Hello! Hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday. Because I haven’t. Okay, that’s a lie. But it hasn’t been great. I felt horrible on my run and the Patriots lost. So let’s get my our spirits up again and talk about something good. I’m pretty good at not taking pictures. It is kind of … Continue reading

Birthday Celebrations!

The work week is almost over. Do I hear a collective “phew!“? Maybe its just me… Anywho. This past weekend was the celebration of my 20-something’th year of being alive. Let’s just say I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20… I’m practicing keeping my age a secret. Although, sometimes I don’t feel/act like … Continue reading