Running Life Phases.

Hello, hello fabulous readers!

I’ve come to the realization that my running, like life, has phases.

When I began running, it was just to run. It was a way to let off some steam, get healthy and lose some weight. Kind of the equivalent of starting school. You go because you have to, its the law its good for you.

After a couple years of running I began really learning about form, technique, types of running/training, shoes, clothes, etc. Think of this as college life, honing in on one particular subject and really studying the hell out of it.

I didn’t just learn stuff about running to learn, but I learned it and put it to use. I took the advice about pronating, breathing techniques and types of clothes to heart and began focusing on using that information to help better my running. Kind of like graduating from college, putting all of the information I kept up in my noggin to good use and getting a job.

Now, I keep learning. I keep researching. I keep reading all of the new trends and information and studies that are coming out about running. I actually buy books about running! I take it a little more seriously. This is more like diving into the work field. You’ve spent years learning about something and now’s the time to get serious, get your hands wet and begin your life as a real adult.

As I keep working running, I will always being studying the subject. I will always read the newest articles on the newest studies. I will keep working to become a better runner; whether that means strength training, stretching, drills/tempos/intervals, I will continue to work to be a better runner, to know more.

I know I will never be an elite competitor, but I’m okay with that. Just like I was okay with not graduating at the top of my class nor do I want to be the CEO/head haunch-o of a large corporation. What makes me happy with my running is knowing that I am out there running as an ever evolving as a runner.

IMG_1926 v3

What phase of life running are you in?
If you went to college, what was your major?
Do you subscribe to/buy any books about running?

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