A Body in Motion.

Newton said, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force.” At least, that’s what the interwebs says he said.

I know Newton was all about some physics but I’m not. So, let’s take this quote literally.

Personally when I am active, I want to stay active. When I run in the morning (or afternoon) and/or go to CrossFit I want to stay busy when I get home. I feel more motivated to get ish done. Do I want to go home and take a shower then fall into a coma while watching TV? Absolutely! Do I do it? No! Because I’m awesome motivated to keep moving.

I come home, take a shower then get some housework done. Laundry. Check. Dishes. Check. Vacuum. Check. Coffee pot ready for the AM. Check. Clothes laid out for the next day. Check. It doesn’t sound like much, but it keeps me moving.

And its not just housework that gets done. When I workout, I want to keep the momentum (ooh, physics!) going and I want to keep working out. Whether its running or CrossFit, I want to keep on keepin’ on.

On the flip side, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. So. True.

When I don’t do anything good for myself, I can’t seem to get myself motivated. Laundry? Eh, it can wait another day. Vacuuming? Eh, it can wait because the floors are just going to get dirty again. I want to sit around stuffing my face with overly-processed unhealthy tasty swiss rolls, cheetos, or something along the lines. Then I feel like a gluttonous galoot and want to feel bad and it eat my feelings away. Its a vicious cycle.

So I think I’ll just keep moving because its better for all involved (husband included).

Speaking of keeping moving and being motivated and healthy, I finally got around to doing a DIY project. I really honed in on my non-existent Suzy homemaker skills and put a few things together to make a pretty (awesome) candle setup.

IMG_0895Yes, coffee beans and a vanilla candle. I almost ate it.

Some review I read of this project said that the coffee beans melted. I fixed that and put a candle holder inside the hurricane on top of the coffee beans. Viola! Problem solved. No melting of any beans going on.

After a long run on Sunday, we went and had a little brunch. Of course I wanted to fall face first in to a pile of chocolate peanut butter pancakes that come with a caramel drizzle and syrup (I cannot make this stuff up people, that was the pancake special of the day). But I went the “I’m an adult and a healthy one and I just ran 7 miles but not to eat pancakes” route and ordered eggs, bacon and home fries. Motion = healthy; full circle complete.

Oh, and a mimosa. Because no Sunday-Funday-LongRunDay brunch is complete without one. Duh.


Do you drink mimosas?
Do you find that you’re more in motion and getting stuff done after a good workout?
What your favorite/best DIY project?

3 thoughts on “A Body in Motion.

  1. 1) Mimosas are the jam. 2) SO TRUE about staying in motion! I’m in the thick of marathon training right now & have been a busy bee every evening when coming home! Last night (after running 5 miles before work at 5:30am), I decided to attempt my first DIY re-do of chalk painting a bookcase…who am I?? 🙂

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