Yes, I Wear Mens Deodorant.

Not that you asked. Nor do you probably care. But we’re all about sharing on the interwebs. So I’m sharing with you. Lucky, person, you are!

First off, let’s talk about Sunday. Why? Because Sunday was filled with football. Unfortunately, this past Sunday we were not able to watch our beloved New England Patriots because they were not on a local channel nor did we feel like dealing with the bar/restaurant scene.

How’s a girl to deal with not being able to watch her team? Have her husband keep any eye on the plays, of course. And a little self-pedi and indulgent coffee (with whipped cream) helps.

FootballImagine this, but without the TV or the jerseys. Because you can’t wear jerseys unless you’re watching the game. Duh.

So, let’s talk about this deodorant thing.

I used to wear Degree for women, for years! It smells good and when it did get on my clothes, it was easy to get off with a little bit of water. Although, zero whiteness on my clothes would be better.

But I’m sweaty. I don’t mean that in the gross way. But any time I am put on the spot, I “stress sweat” and as the commercials tell you, “that’s smellier than any other kind of sweat.” I disagree because I’m all kinds of stank after CrossFit. I digress.

I first wore men’s deodorant because Bruce was out of town for a week and I missed him and the way he smelled. That smell was not just his intoxicating pheromones (haha), but also his deodorant. So I swiped some on my underpits and thus began my preference for men’s deodorant. It smells good (like my hubs), it didn’t get white on my clothes and I didn’t sweat when I wasn’t working out. Score! Plus it comes in a bigger stick, more bang for your buck. Boom.

So I finally broke down and bought my very own stick of men’s deodorant. Long hair don’t care if I smell like a man. Unless it makes me grow chest hair and mustache, I’m not too worried about being mistaken for one.
If you’re wondering which one I prefer, its Dove Antiperspirant in Clean Comfort.DMCCleanComfortAP316-279437If you’re a woman, do you wear men’s deodorant?
What’s your choice of the stuff?
Did your team win this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Yes, I Wear Mens Deodorant.

  1. I wear men’s deodorant too! I used to be (somewhat) embarrassed until I realized how much more I liked it. It smells 10 times better than the dainty women’s stuff. Glad to hear I’m not alone!

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