Weekly Workouts {9/16 – 9/22}

Happy Sunday Funday, friends! Another week down and getting ready to begin new and fresh tomorrow!

Monday 9/16

PM – CrossFit

Strength: 3 Push Presses EMOM for 10 Minutes, all at 53# (could’ve gone heavier)

METCON: AMRAP in 15 Minutes

5 Power Clean & Jerks, 65#

10 KBS, 25# (all the 35# were taken, boo!)

5 TTB (I did KTE)

Tuesday 9/17

AM – 3.6 mile run

Wednesday 9/18

AM – 6.0 mile run

Thursday 9/19


Friday 9/20

AM – 4.0 mile run, I was stoked about this run because I actually worked and pushed and had negative splits, wahoo! 10:01, 9:42, 9:28, 9:07

Saturday 9/21


Sunday 9/22

7.0 mile run followed by a delicious brunch.

How were your workouts last week?
Tell me something good going on in your life!
Is the weather cooling down where you are?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {9/16 – 9/22}

  1. Workouts were awesome-lots of running and started a new squat program. The weather is cooling down which is a GREAT thing in my life right now!

    Nice job on the run with the negative splits!!

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