Signs. Signs. Everywhere are Signs.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Lately everywhere I turn I see notes and posts and reminders to appreciate what we have and to take a moment to give thanks for something we’ve got good in our lives.

Maybe these signs have always been there but I am just now taking notice of them. Maybe its suddenly a “thing” that is more pronounced. Maybe its because I’m seeing more yogis on my Insta-feed (is that a word?).

In any case, these reminders are always good. I think people are quick to focus on the bad or the things that we’re lacking than the good or what we have.

Here are 5 things for which I’m thankful.

IMG_1072 v2My husband. [An old pic, but a good one.]

WelkerMy spoiled rotten dogter.

image_2The health to enjoy this beautiful weather.

FootballPatriots football and coffee.

I am also very grateful for having a job (even though I’m not crazy about it), I’m grateful to have the access I do to the healthy (and not-so-healthy but still so tasty) foods. I’m also grateful for all 2 readers I have! πŸ™‚

What are you thankful for?
What’s the weather been like where you are?
Racing season is coming up, what’s on your calendar?

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