Training & Mileage (& Some Other Stuff).

Good Wednesday to you, readers!

I’m in the middle of week 2 of half-marathon training and things are going splendidly! Probably because its not 80* at 5:30 AM with 100% humidity, anymore. Not feeling like I’m going to melt that early in the morning is always a good thing.

Let’s talk about some other good things. Like coffee and football. More specifically, coffee while watching football. Not just any ol’ football game, but the Patriots! I’m just saying I’m surprised I had any fingernails left after Sunday’s game. The victory was even sweeter by watching it with some Bills fans.

FootballThe hubs is so nervous with 2 minutes to go.

Also, this past weekend my main squeeze finished building our very own farmhouse table for our dining room. He has skillz like a table-building gangster.


He can also cook a ham steak and fry some eggs like a boss. And I just eat them. Like a boss.

image(2)Breakfast for dinner. This man knows how to treat his lady. 😉

So, back to this running business… I’ve been hitting the total mileage I need to within the week, based loosely off the mileage I need to cover in my runs. Some runs may be more, and some less. I am getting in at least 3 days/week of running. My main question is…

Do you train by daily mileage or total weekly mileage?
Do you have any hand-built furniture in your home (new or passed down)?
Are you football fan? College or NFL? Who’s your team?

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