Weekly Workouts {9/1 – 9/7}

Sunday 9/1

4.0 Mile Run

Monday 9/2


Tuesday 9/3

Rest. I needed – 2 days of rest because last week was sooo tough *eye roll*

Wednesday 9/4

AM – 6.65 mile run with some friends

Thursday 9/5

PM – CrossFit

Grace – 30 Clean & Jerks for Time (3:09)

Rx’d for women is 95#, I scaled to 58#.

1 Hour Yoga held at CF after class

Friday 9/6

AM – 4.2 Mile Run

Lunchtime – 45 minutes yoga

Saturday 9/7

AM – CrossFit

My friend Anna talked me into doing Hotshots with her (neither of us were able to make it to CF the day it was announced, but still wanted a piece of the action).

Hotshots: 6 Rounds for Time30 Airsquats
19 Power Cleans (58#)
7 Strict Pullups (still using a band..)
400m Run

My plan was to run today (Sunday) but after the past 4 days workouts, its not happening. Hotshots totally kicked my butt back. Holy smokes, so sore!

How were your workouts this week?
Any upcoming races you’re training for?


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