Never Good Enough.

Hello, friends!

Here’s a fun fact: I took a geography/science class when I was a sophomore in high school. The beginning of every class was the same, our teacher would write a quote on the board and we would take 5 minutes to reflect on that quote, what we thought it meant, and how it could apply to our lives. At the time I thought this whole thing was totally lame. To this day, out of all of those quotes we began our classes with, only one stuck out in my mind: If something is good enough, then it is neither.

I don’t remember what I wrote down because it feels as if it was about 12 years ago. Oh wait, it was. Apparently though, this quote meant something to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered all these years. If something is only ‘good enough’ then it isn’t good nor is it enough. This doesn’t always apply to everything, but I try to make it apply to as much as possible in life. I don’t want to skate by life on “good enough.” I want things I do to be great, amazing, wonderful, etc.

Since working out and eating well are important to me, I want my diet to be great and I want my workouts to be amazing. Unfortunately, we all know that everyday will not be a perfect-diet kind of day and that every workout won’t be the most amazing workout ever.

Sometimes though, no matter how great my day of eating was (relatively speaking) and no matter how hard I nailed my workout, I will feel like it wasn’t good enough.

I didn’t run far enough.
I didn’t run fast enough.
I didn’t do that WOD fast enough.
I should’ve gone heavier.
I shouldn’t have eaten that miniature snickers bar (or whatever other kind of candy I can get my little hands on).

It’s difficult to get over these feelings because we, as society, are inundated with messages and blogs of people who are doing it more, faster, harder, and better. I love reading other people’s experiences/daily workouts and seeing how they dominated their workout. Its very inspiring, but that inspiration can quickly turn into self-depreciation because I am not doing what they’re doing. Oh look, she ran 12 miles at a much faster pace than I could ever run a 5k. I only ran 4 miles today. Oh man, he PR’d by 10 pounds on his back squat. I didn’t even hit my PR, I was actually 5 pounds under, and I struggled with that. It feeds in to that whole, “comparison is the thief of joy,” scenario.

Then I take a step back and remind myself how lucky I am to be me. How lucky I am to have legs to run on. How lucky I am to have a healthy body in which to live. How lucky I am to have the means to be able to do CrossFit. How lucky I am to have access to the things I do. How, no matter who fabulous or horrible my daily diet and/or workout was, my day is better than ‘good enough,’ because I am capable of so much. Some days may not be MY days, but every day is a new day and a fresh start and another chance to strive and push to be my best; to be better than good enough.

Let’s end this on a much lighter note and be in awwww of my dog… πŸ™‚


Is there something that sticks out in your mind that high school taught you about life?
Do you try to do your best everyday?
What’s your biggest set-back in your diet?

2 thoughts on “Never Good Enough.

  1. Biggest diet set-back? When friends invite me to lunch – it is so so hard for me to make smart decisions when burgers and French fries are staring up at me from the menu.

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