Marathon Fever…?

To marathon or not to marathon? That is the question. Or so Shakespeare says, or something like that.

I have so many thoughts that are running through my head right now about this marathon stuff. Its like deju vu.

In case you wanted a little glimpse into what’s going on inside this peanut that sits atop my face (in which case I think you’re the one who needs psychiatric help), here you go. They’re pretty random, so readers beware.

  • If I do the marathon, then the half marathon I’m doing in November fits perfectly into the schedule.
  • If I do the marathon, then I can’t really race (relatively speaking) the half because I still need to treat it as a training run.
  • But I can race and just take it somewhat easy the next couple of days and maybe shorten the run in the following days.
  • Ooo, look, a butterfly!
  • What if I don’t go through with the marathon again?
  • Then I will have wasted a bunch of money. Again.
  • And what if I don’t go through with the marathon and I didn’t race the half?
  • Should I begin incorporating intervals/tempos (like I say I’m going to do all the time) or
  • Should I just aim for mileage to be able to run the marathon and live to tell about it?
  • If I only decide to do intervals or tempos, which is better?
  • Is that a quarter??
  • But! If I do decide to not race the half nor do I go through with the marathon, should I just “downgrade” to the half and race that one?
  • Man, I really need to make a decision on signing up for the marathon soon since “early bird” prices are gone like the wind next week.
  • Will I actually go through with training?!
  • All this thinking about all that running is making me hungry…

There you have it folks. Just a glimpse of a conversation I have with myself… To talk myself into (or out of?!) a marathon.

Do you think these are legitimate concerns?
Do you think I need psychiatric help? (That’s a rhetorical question, FYI.)
When you ran your first marathon, did you have a lot of self-doubt before you even began training?

2 thoughts on “Marathon Fever…?

  1. Oh yes, I had a ton of self-doubt going into my first marathon. And every marathon after that. Overcoming that doubt is just as much a part of the training process as pushing through tough tempo runs– it’s hard. It sucks. But it makes you stronger. If you want to do the marathon and believe you’ll have the time and willingness to give your training the respect it needs, then sign up!! The only way to get rid of that self-doubt is to prove your doubting self wrong.

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