Weekly Workouts {8/11 – 8/17}

Happy Sunday. Hope your weekend has been wonderful and you are getting prepped for another good week. 🙂

Sunday 8/11

Yard work… Boo!

Monday 8/12

Rest. Definitely not planned, since I was really looking forward to today’s CF workout, but work had me staying 1+ hours late. Ack!

Tuesday 8/13

Rest. Not even apologizing for it. 🙂

Wednesday 8/14

AM – 4.0 mile run – with the humidity, this run was tough!

PM – CrossFit

Worked on pullup progressions for 10 minutes (either getting off the band, kipping, or butterfly). I worked on kipping.

5 RFT (Rounds for Time): 11:27

5 strict pullups [I had to use a band; I got 2 strict pullups]

5 HSPU (handstand pushups) [I scaled and used a box]

200m run

Cash out: cumulative 2 minute L-hang and 50 GHDs

Thursday 8/15

AM – 3.1 mile run – what a fabulous morning

PM – CrossFit, open gym

4 Rounds, Rest as needed between rounds

50m backward prowler pull with 50# added

12 ball roll ins (not sure what to call them, I laid on my back with my hips in the air and rolled the ball in towards me; worked the hammies)

12 sandbag lunges

I really wish I could’ve done more but Wednesday just tore my hand up! So kettlebells and barbells were out of the question, boo!

Friday 8/16

Rest. Much needed.

Saturday 8/17

AM – CrossFit

4 Person Team Chipper WOD (a rendition of 2012 CrossFit Regional Team Event 4): 59:40

Rules: Once the bar is picked up, it cannot touch the ground WOD is complete. While two take turns working, the other two hold the bar; then the four swap places so that the 1st set of “bar holders” are swapping to complete all reps, also. I know, not confusing at all. You can watch this video to see some true badasses knock this sucker out in less than half the time we did.

75 back squats
50 pullups
25 S2OH (shoulder to overhead)
75 front squats
50 pullups
25 S2OH
75 OHS (overhead squats)
50 pullups
25 S2OH

What’s the toughest workout you had this week?
What are you looking forward to next week?

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