Hello! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend! This post will be filled with a bunch of fun and random pictures, yay! Some fitness related. But mostly not.

handsTore my hands up from pullups. On two separate days. It hurts.
So coach wrapped me up so that I could do Saturday’s WOD.

pupsMy sweet pup sunbathing. And a tiny (not my) sweet pup sleeping. So much sweetness.

cameraThe new camera that my loving hubs bought while we were on vacay.
Fun fact: fancy cameras don’t make me a better photographer. You’ll learn this.

deers5 Beautiful and graceful deer feeding in our backyard. I wish I could pet them…

sunsetPretty sunset. All these color changes happened within 20 minutes.

randomPup on an adventure. Scene from the beach WOD. Captured grasshopper.

I could throw a ton of other random pictures in there, but I won’t. Because that would be another 3 minutes of your life that you would never get back. You’re welcome. 🙂

Do you ever actually look back on pictures you took (even after uploaded to the interwebs)?
Even torn a callus? By the way, don’t search ‘torn calluses,’ you might throw up.
What camera do you take your blog pics with?

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