Falling for Fall.

This morning I had a glorious run. Which made me think of fall. Here’s a little love letter to autumn.

Dear Autumn,

I miss you terribly. I felt teased by you when temps were under 70 this morning and I felt as if you had your cool arms around me. I know you are near, but know that you cannot be here soon enough.

I do enjoy your sister, Summer, but only when she is not blasting hot and humid air onto my skin making me feel blistered, burned, and unable to breathe, even before the sunrise.

Know that when you’re here, you’re the one who really motivates me to get outside and run with you. Your cool air and sunshine through the trees bringing on the ever-changing leaves invigorates me. Even on the days when I want to roll over and hit snooze or just go home and kick off my shoes after work, I don’t want to miss out on a chance to enjoy your company.

There is something so calming and peaceful when you’re around, Autumn, and I am looking forward to the days when you are here again.

Until then, I will be dreaming of you.

Yours Truly,


What’s your favorite running season?
Is it beginning to cool off where you are?

6 thoughts on “Falling for Fall.

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