Consumed by Numbers.

Hello friends, its humpday!

Most of us who are in some athletic field are surrounded by numbers and data.

How far? How fast? What’s the pace? How much weight? How many reps? By how much did I improve?

So much it makes my brain hurt! Okay, so it doesn’t take much to make that happen…

Although I’ve been running for a number of years, I’ve only been running with a GPS watch for just under a year. Before then I went by a wing and a prayer regular wrist watch with a timer and a website where I could map runs.

At that time, I wasn’t only concerned about pace, but I was also concerned about mileage. Making sure I got enough in. Because I was consumed by how many calories I burned. I didn’t have a goal for getting x-amount of miles in per week or month, I ran because I wanted to be skinny. And I was worried if I didn’t run as much that suddenly overnight I was going to lose my endurance and speed gain a ton of weight.

That was back before I had a GPS watch that would tell me how many calories I burned (guesstimating based on the data I put in about my age/height/weight/mother’s maiden name/social security number). And now that I have a GPS watch, I hardly ever look at the number of calories I’ve burned.

IMG_0467Time, pace and distance

Maybe its because I’m way past that stage that I run because I want to be skinny. Maybe its because I’m more concerned with ending a run injury free. Maybe its because I know there’s more to life than being a certain weight.

The data I look at now is my pace. When I was I the fastest? How did I feel? Like death, duh. What was my average?


Could I have pushed a little harder? What was my heart rate? Crazy fast, cuz I felt like death, duh.

I wouldn’t say that I have an unhealthy obsession with my Garmin. I could run without it, if I wanted to, but I’m not so concerned with what its telling me that it runs my run. I wear it because I want an accurate account of what I was doing and for how long so that in a year (or two) from now when I finally decide to try to get faster, I can look back at my slower self and see how far I’ve come.

Do you have a GPS watch?
What data do you look at the most?
What did you do before/what do you do without a GPS watch?

**Because I’m secure in my slowity (totes a word), I want to tell the world, I am not normally as fast as I portray myself to be in the photos above. :)**


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