Drive to Run.

Hello! Tuesday is off to a lovely start, and I hope yours is, too!

Let’s talk about running.

I live in a somewhat of a rural place.

image (3)

On top of that I live on a dead-end road off of another dead-end road. There aren’t too many options of places for me to go. To do just one loop would give me about 5.5-6 miles. Not too shabby, for sure. But I don’t always feel comfortable at a certain area.

Let’s rewind back to November 2012.

I was running down the road when I heard a kid say to another kid, “hey look, a girl’s coming down the road.” I smiled inside because I thought to myself that I’m setting a good example for the youth of today. Ha! Yeah, right. When I ran by them the one kid was yelling at me! And I don’t mean the motivational kind of yell. I mean the mean kind of yell. He was yelling things like,

Yeah, you need to run, fatass. White girl needs to run. Look at that fatass!” On and on. This was coming out of the mouth of a kid who looked no older than 12. And I had to hear it twice. Because there’s only one way back to my house… The way that I came. Then I was sad for the youth of today…

Needless to say, I try to avoid that area unless its early (like pre-9 AM). With that part of the “loop” cut out, I can get about 3.5 miles in. My longest run there has been 9 miles. The same loop. 3 times. Total snooze fest.

For a while after the ultra-relay I was meeting up with a group of friends to run 8 miles in the morning once per week, it was an out and back route which really wasn’t so bad. Different part of town. Different scenery. Different people. Other than races, I’ve only driven to run somewhere else a handful (or two) of times.

Before Bruce and I got married, I lived only a couple miles from downtown. There was so much running I could do! But I never took advantage of it. Which I totally regret now. Point being, I could go a little farther and I wouldn’t have to cover the same territory, if I didn’t want to.

Now I don’t have that luxury. Although I do have some beautiful scenery…


Common Snapping Turtle


I just wish there were more options in routes. So, now that I am about to begin training for my half marathon happening in November and possibly a full marathon happening in January, I really need to start thinking about driving elsewhere to run for my longer training runs…

Do you have to do loops or do you have options for routes?
Have you ever driven somewhere else to run? (A race doesn’t count.)
Ever had mean things yelled at you while you’re running/biking?

4 thoughts on “Drive to Run.

  1. I definitely feel your pain! I live in town, but it’s a small, rural town and my loops get old. I do sometimes drive to run, but only about 10 minutes. Also, what a rude kid! Sorry you had to deal with that little twerp.

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