Weekly Workouts {7/28 – 8/3}

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a great week and are ready to kick off another good one. I’ll attempt writing up my past week’s workouts because I don’t want to make a post for every. single. one.

Sunday 7/28

Nothing. Unless you count grocery shopping. A lot of walking.

Monday 7/29

Light stretching (i.e. another non-needed rest day).

Tuesday 7/30

AM: 3.5 mile run

PM: Crossfit – 4 RFT (rounds for time) 15:54

15 power cleans @ 55#

400m run

Wednesday 7/31

Does housework count?

Thursday 8/1

AM: 3.6 mile run

Friday 8/2

PM: 3.0 mile run

Saturday 8/3

AM: CrossFit – 30-15-5 (reps for each of the following movements, I did not do this for time)

Jerk 55#

KBS (kettlebell swings) 35#


There you have it! Nothing amazing or spectacular, as is expected. 🙂

Just focusing on staying steady in increasing my mileage since coming back from my injury IT band issue.

What are you most looking forward to this week?


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