2013 Summer Vacay. Part II.

Happy (HAPPY!) Friday! We’re at the end of the work week, yay! The first full week back to work since summer vacation – quite hectic, but I lived to tell the tale.

Here’s Part I of my summer vacay. Onward to Part II.

Let me begin by saying that when Bruce and I first decided to bring 2 extra boys with us (for a total of 4!) my first thought was, “oh boy, a vacation with a bunch of boys.” My second thought was, “oh boy! a vacation with a bunch of boys!”

This meant I did not need to worry about makeup, matching, or showering. Totally kidding. I showered for my sanity and for my husband’s smelling sensors, since we share a bed. And he was kind enough to shower for me. Sweetest man ever. 😉

Let’s see. Where were we. Hm.

Oh yes, Tuesday!

We didn’t do anything on Tuesday. Except r-e-l-a-x. It was g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s on the riv lake (seriously, not used to lakes ’round here. if it ain’t the ocean, then its the river).



Wednesday we went to the lake, too!



Thursday we went to Linville Caverns. So cool!



DSCN0328Did you know that these caverns stay at a cool 52* all year and the water is at a chilly 57* all year? Crazy!

Although, looking at these pictures, I can’t remember the way they’re supposed to be turned! Was I looking up? Did I turn the camera sideways? Le sigh. Questions that we’ll never have answers to.

Friday was our last day so we hung out on the lake. Then grabbed the kids a soda at the marina while Bruce and I sipped on an (much needed) adult beverage.

DSCN0381Bruce says hello, readers! And goodbye Lake James.

After our beverages we went back to the house and just chilled for the rest of the evening. And amidst laundry doing, made sure all boys had all underwear that belonged to them. ‘Cause Lord knows, we don’t need boys taking home other boys’ undies!

All in all this was a very nice vacation. A much needed one. A relaxing one (surprisingly, with having so much testosterone around). We didn’t get to do as much stuff as I would’ve liked, but having 4 kiddos who have little to no patience for things that are not age 13- (that’s a minus sign, FYI) friendly, it was difficult to find things. So we were explorers (hiking) and we went into the depths of the mountains (caverns) and we were water bums all week.

And I’m okay with that. Because, let’s face it, there could be worse things to be.

And since this is supposed to be a “fitness” blog, I have to say, no workouts of any kind, took place. And I was completely okay with that. For once.

When was the last vacation you took?
Mountains or coast?
Adult beverage of choice?

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