Posted in August 2013

Never Good Enough.

Hello, friends! Here’s a fun fact: I took a geography/science class when I was a sophomore in high school. The beginning of every class was the same, our teacher would write a quote on the board and we would take 5 minutes to reflect on that quote, what we thought it meant, and how it … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {8/18 – 8/24}

Sunday 8/18 Rest. Legs needed a good break after a ton+ squats on Saturday. Monday 8/19 PM – CrossFit For Time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (10:09) Push Press @ 53# (I did 10 and 9 @ 63#, but had to drop down) Ring dips (I scaled and used two boxes and did box dips) Tuesday 8/20 Rest. Wednesday … Continue reading

Marathon Fever…?

To marathon or not to marathon? That is the question. Or so Shakespeare says, or something like that. I have so many thoughts that are running through my head right now about this marathon stuff. Its like deju vu. In case you wanted a little glimpse into what’s going on inside this peanut that sits … Continue reading

Comparing Myself.

Its likely that we’ve all heard the old adage “comparison is the thief of joy,” said by Theodore Roosevelt. There are also several bloggers out there who’ve talked about this subject. And I’m about to add to that list. But I’m not going to talk about the usual comparison of ourselves to other people. No. … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {8/11 – 8/17}

Happy Sunday. Hope your weekend has been wonderful and you are getting prepped for another good week. 🙂 Sunday 8/11 Yard work… Boo! Monday 8/12 Rest. Definitely not planned, since I was really looking forward to today’s CF workout, but work had me staying 1+ hours late. Ack! Tuesday 8/13 Rest. Not even apologizing for … Continue reading


Hello! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend! This post will be filled with a bunch of fun and random pictures, yay! Some fitness related. But mostly not. Tore my hands up from pullups. On two separate days. It hurts. So coach wrapped me up so that I could do Saturday’s WOD. My sweet pup sunbathing. … Continue reading

Falling for Fall.

This morning I had a glorious run. Which made me think of fall. Here’s a little love letter to autumn. Dear Autumn, I miss you terribly. I felt teased by you when temps were under 70 this morning and I felt as if you had your cool arms around me. I know you are near, … Continue reading

Consumed by Numbers.

Hello friends, its humpday! Most of us who are in some athletic field are surrounded by numbers and data. How far? How fast? What’s the pace? How much weight? How many reps? By how much did I improve? So much it makes my brain hurt! Okay, so it doesn’t take much to make that happen… … Continue reading

Drive to Run.

Hello! Tuesday is off to a lovely start, and I hope yours is, too! Let’s talk about running. I live in a somewhat of a rural place. On top of that I live on a dead-end road off of another dead-end road. There aren’t too many options of places for me to go. To do … Continue reading

Weekly Workouts {8/4 – 8/10}

Happy Sunday Monday! (<– Meant to post this yesterday!) Let’s take a look at how active I was this week… Sunday 8/4 Rest day! Monday 8/5 AM: 5.05 mile run – This run felt really good. I felt like I could’ve kept going. Haven’t felt that good during a run in quite some time. Unfortunately, … Continue reading