Hey there and happy humDAY! Woot woot!

We have been in the armpit of summer now for a while. And summer means sweat.

And sweat means stank. At least for me.

I have noticed, though, that I have two different sweat-stanks.

Running outside means that I get to air out (not to be confused with air dry which is nearly impossible with 1138% humidity while running) while sweating running. When I get home I do a little to no stretching and notice that while I am soaked with sweat I’m not extremely stinky. At least not to the point that other people would walk a 3 foot radius around me to avoid the stench.

Completely different from when I attend CrossFit. Keep in mind, most boxes (i.e. gyms) do not have any sort of air pumped into them (a/c or heat) regardless of the temps outside. And because we are in the south, we are burdened blessed with at least 70% humidity er’ryday which makes the air inside of the box absolutely stifling.

When I attend CF I look like am a sweaty beast 3 minutes into our warmup sesh. Then 8-10 minutes into our WOD (workout of the day) I’m completely drenched (I can wring out my shirt). On the way home sometimes I have to roll down my windows because I cannot stand the way I smell. So gross. I know. The only way I can get away with not showering immediately after stepping in the house is if my hubs also goes to CF that day. Then we can both be stank together. This is the kind of stank where people would want to walk a 3 foot radius around me…

I don’t know if the increase in sweat-stank in CF is due to the humidity/heat inside of the box or if its a “different” kind of sweat due to the strenuousness. I tried to do a little research on this, but to no avail, I couldn’t find a reason.

I could, however, find why our sweat is smelly! This article from How Stuff Works explains why (and how we can change) our smelly sweat.

And for good-blogger etiquette, here’s a sweaty picture that can relate to this post…


Do you think you have different kinds of sweat for different activities?
What’s the humidity like where you live?
Have you ever seen a camel?


4 thoughts on “Stank.

  1. Today I did a crazy awesome run (8 miles @ 8:35/mi – which is way fast for me) and by the end my shirt was literally totally soaked in sweat. Pro: It made my whole shirt look dark, so perhaps I got lucky and passerbys weren’t totally offended by my appearance. Con: I was actually cold walking the .5 mile cooldown home because my shirt was cold and wet. I feel your pain.

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