Hello! I’ll have another recap of my summer vacay coming up in the next couple of days.

Alliterations. Do you know what this word means? Does it even ring a bell? (Did you peek and click on the link? Cheater. Kiddingnotkidding.)

There are all sorts of blogging alliterations.
– What I Ate Wednesday
– Throwback Thursday
– Marvelous in my Monday
– Sunday Funday (I especially like this one…)

I’m not one to participate in these things because, well, I’m not cool like that.

I did, however, make up some running alliterations that will maybe (probably not) help me to look forward to doing tough and grueling fun and exciting running workouts.

Alliterations like: Track Tuesday. Tempo Thursday. Slow & Steady Sunday (or Saturday).

Sounds sassy. (Did you see what I did there?)

Using the outline provided by Run Less, Run Faster I’ve come up with these ideas. Because who thinks Track Monday sounds fun? Weirdos, that’s who.

Aside from making fancy titles, I do have a point to this post. I want to try to get on board with this schedule. I put too much thought into something and end up not going through with it. Because I’m scared of failing at it. I need attempt to make a semi-strict schedule between running/CrossFit/other cross training that I don’t wear myself out but strict enough that I don’t just blow it off.

That being said, I just need to figure out when to start. The obvious answer is tomorrow. Will I start tomorrow? I sure hope so. If I don’t start pushing myself to get faster, it won’t happen. Unless I can find some magical faster-fairy dust that I can sprinkle on myself… Let me know if I can find that on Amazon.

Do you use alliterations in blogging/running?
Have you read/do you use Run Less, Run Faster?

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