2013 Summer Vacay. Part I.

Woohoo for summer vacation! A week of no work. A week of no regular-life worries. A week of not being at home. A week of new adventures. So. Excited.

We left Saturday morning and headed up to Lake James in North Carolina to the cabin that we’ve rented for the week. Where I will be surrounded by testosterone filled rambunctious sweet little lads. All week.

The drive in was good. Until we hit rain. In the mountains. Good times.

The views from the cabin are amazing!

This is a morning view I could get used to seeing.

Sunday we took a little day trip and went hiking to see Linville Falls. FYI – this area of NC is where a lot of “The Hunger Games” was filmed. Our hike lasted 2 hours and we covered roughly 2.25 miles. Basically we were going the same speed at which I run.




IMG_0675Did a little relaxing on the river on Monday. Via boat.

IMG_0676We’re totally used to the water, living in Charleston and all, but you certainly will not find the backdrop of mountain behind the ocean (or rivers). Beautiful!

And our adventures continue!

When was the last vacation you took and where’d you go?
Do you live near the coast, mountains or plains?
Water body of choice: lake, river, ocean, bathtub?

4 thoughts on “2013 Summer Vacay. Part I.

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