Two Shoes Fell in Love.

I am beyond excited. My two favoritest shoes (legit word) are having a baby!

The Mizuno Precision 13 and Elixir 7 met and fell in love.

image (5)

They got married.

image_1 (4)

They had a baby.


That’s right, the Mizuno Precision and Elixir shoes are sadly going away (super sad face because they are my two favorite running shoes) but they are leaving the best of their respective legacies behind to be combined into one totally run-tastic shoe called the Mizuno Sayonara. According the Mizuno’s website:

We looked back at two of our must trusted and beloved shoes, the Elixir and the Precision, took the best parts of both and fused those into something greater than the sum of their parts. Meet the Wave Sayonara.

They will be born released on July 5. That’s in 3 days! I know what shoes I will be getting next…

What shoes do you wear for running?
Are you going to try the new Mizuno Sayonara?
Have big plans for the 4th?

3 thoughts on “Two Shoes Fell in Love.

  1. I used to have a pair of Wave Universe (I think? One of the Waves) and loved them. They were super narrow and light which was perfect for me! I was diehard Mizuno for a few years. But THEN I discovered Brooks PureConnects and haven’t looked back… though Mizunos will always hold a special place in my heart

    • I’ve been Mizuno since I discovered them a few years ago. I’ve tried one pair of Brooks but didn’t care for them. I’ve heard many lovely things about the PureConnects and I’m very tempted to try them…

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