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Hey there and happy humDAY! Woot woot! We have been in the armpit of summer now for a while. And summer means sweat. And sweat means stank. At least for me. I have noticed, though, that I have two different sweat-stanks. Running outside means that I get to air out (not to be confused with … Continue reading

Road Turtle.

Happy Tuesday! As in track Tuesday. I didn’t do the planned “track” workout which was 8 x 400m with 400m recovery walk/easy jog between but I did more of a tempo run. *I know, 1 week into a new semi-plan of running and I’m already switching things up. I’m a woman. I can change my mind if … Continue reading


Hello! I’ll have another recap of my summer vacay coming up in the next couple of days. Alliterations. Do you know what this word means? Does it even ring a bell? (Did you peek and click on the link? Cheater. Kiddingnotkidding.) There are all sorts of blogging alliterations. – What I Ate Wednesday – Throwback … Continue reading

2013 Summer Vacay. Part I.

Woohoo for summer vacation! A week of no work. A week of no regular-life worries. A week of not being at home. A week of new adventures. So. Excited. We left Saturday morning and headed up to Lake James in North Carolina to the cabin that we’ve rented for the week. Where I will be … Continue reading

Fear of Failure.

Hey peeps. Long time no talk to! I don’t really have a good excuse reason for not visiting in such a long time. But let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes (sweet potatoes, of course; don’t you know all CF’rs don’t eat regular potatoes… totally kidding, FYI, I love … Continue reading

Two Shoes Fell in Love.

I am beyond excited. My two favoritest shoes (legit word) are having a baby! The Mizuno Precision 13 and Elixir 7 met and fell in love. They got married. They had a baby. {source} That’s right, the Mizuno Precision and Elixir shoes are sadly going away (super sad face because they are my two favorite … Continue reading