Mix vs Match.

Happy, happy Friday to all of you lovely people!

I’ll start off with a knee update. It’s been one week today since I’ve visited the chiropractor and massage therapist. I went for a little 3.6 mile jaunt Wednesday morning and was left with a little bit of lingering soreness, but nothing debilitating. I stretched myself out throughout the day. All better.

This morning I got out and planned on a 3.5 – 5 mile run, depending on the knee. I got a total of 5 miles in with no pain!!! Do you know how exciting this is to me?! Maybe not, but I did kind of pee a little because I was so excited. I stretched out after I got home and then got ready for work and, well, now here I am updating all of you.

On my run, I wore my new Lulu shorts! I’ve worn some before, but these were Breeze By shorts (not the much talked about, but just as fabulous, Speed Short). By the way, these things are super-dooper comfy. Seriously. So light I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything!


I got them in black. Because black is a safe color. Duh. It is slimming goes with everything. Don’t be fooled though, I have many shorts that are not solid black. Not that you people care. And its okay that you don’t. Because if I were you, I probably wouldn’t either.

I digress because I do really have a point.

I’m not one to really care so much about matching my running outfits. Examples include…

IMG_1925v2{Yes, pink shirt, pink shoes, purple ProCompression socks and purple shorts. Hot.}

IMG_1926 v3{Dark blue long sleeve, pink tee, teal/white shorts, pink shoes. AND a glow stick. NBD.}

And my personal favorite (which, in bad blogger fashion, I cannot find)… My post-half outfit of a bright purple long sleeve, blue short sleeve, teal shorts, purple capris, black ProCompression socks, AND the pink shoes. OH! I cannot forget the green fleece jacket I threw on because for some reason I just freeeeeze after a long run/race. Even if its 75* I’m shivering. Now… If I could only find that picture…

I’ll wear a green shirt with black/pink shorts. Long hair don’t care. As long as I’m wearing semi clean and comfy clothes and am going out for a run, I don’t give too much thought about the pieces matching.

Do you match your running outfits on purpose or does it just kind of fall together?
Am I weird for getting cold after races? Does that happen to you?
What are your thoughts on Lulu apparel?


2 thoughts on “Mix vs Match.

  1. I never match my outfits for regular runs (except accidentally and then I feel very stylin’ and hope I’ll run into someone I know). Sometimes I make more of an effort for races, but not always. I am always freezing cold after a long run especially at races where I tend to hang out for awhile in my running clothes. I blame it on the soaking wet sports bra.

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