Sweat Tee.

Sweat tee. Sweaty. Get it? I know. I’m just hilarious… But that’s what I was this morning. It was humid! Hello, summer and your 77* temps and 96% humidity at 6 AM! My shirt was drenched by time I got home (and that was even before I indulged in the sprinklers…).

This morning I went for another 3+ mile run after getting my knee looked at. Actually 3.5 miles, to be exact. Again, I had some mild acheyness during my run but I did not feel the need to stop and stretch it out like I did Saturday.

All in all, I’d say that I’m definitely on the up and up!

I had another follow up appointment this morning, this time with the massage therapist. Is it weird that I went in for my knee and got my chest rubbed? Just kidding. Bruce didn’t think that was very funny.

The massage therapist spent an hour rubbing out my IT band. That stuff is no joke! I even told her that it’s pretty ironic that she was rubbing that area to loosen it up, but while she did it my other muscles were tensing because of the pain. It hurt so good! They told me to do CrossFit again this afternoon (as planned) and then run a couple times within the next 4 days to see how it feels and strengthen it. They also told me to stretch. stretch. stretch. And to come back in Friday.

Doctor’s orders to CF and run?! Yes, please!

I really hope this does the trick. Since I’m feeling better with every run, I’d say it is.

And because I’m trying to post more pictures, and I currently have nothing relevant, take a look at Charleston with and without rain…

rain no rain
I do love rain. As long as I don’t have to be outside doing anything in it. Like running to and fro the store. Or yard work. Nothing better than curling up with an excellent cuppa coffee (because good isn’t good enough) under a blanket watching a movie marathon with the background noise of rain.

But sunshine is good too. Hello, summertime tan! Plus, soaking up that Vitamin D is good for you! And who doesn’t strive to be healthy?!

Do you prefer rain or sunshine?
How humid is it where you are?

What are your thoughts on chiropractors?


2 thoughts on “Sweat Tee.

  1. I like both rain and sunshine! But if I had to choose one, it would be sun 🙂 As a FL girl, I am right there with you on the heat and humidity at 6am! There is no escaping it, no matter how early we rise, haha. I don’t see a chiropractor, but I know quite a few runners who do and all have positive things to say. Hope it helps you, too!

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