Facelift. (And a Knee Update.)

Why yes, I have had a little work done (on my blog). Thanks for noticing.

Or maybe you didn’t. If you haven’t, here’s what I used to look like:Blog{The old me.}

I know, even that was a switch up from what I looked like. I wanted to pull a Madonna and completely reinvent myself. I’m happy with the way I turned out. I hope you also like it. This girl just gave me to push to really make myself look different (because she’s also recently given herself a facelift).

This knee of mine is finally getting a little better, after two appointments. I had my first appointment with the chiropractor last Thursday. I was snapped, crackled and popped adjusted and told that my left hip rolled forward and that my body was way out of alignment. So he fixed that and told me to rest the rest of the day then go for a bike ride on Friday and run Saturday.

I took the doctors orders. Rested the rest of the day. Went for a nice and easy 7.5 mile bike ride Friday. CrossFit Saturday morning followed by a 3.15 mile run. That’s right. I finally got to do a good run! There was some soreness and achyness on the run, but I stopped and stretched a couple times, but I felt pretty good! There was no lingering soreness the rest of the day.

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment. Was adjusted again and told to come back for some massage therapy on Wednesday and he plans to have me all fixed up by the end of this week! I am super excited! I’ll keep you all posted…

And for your eye’s pleasure, here’s the scenery in which I get to live, bike and run…

image (3)


image_1 (2)


When was the last time you made some major changes to your blog?
What do you think of the new look?
Do you enjoy the scenery in your neighborhood?


3 thoughts on “Facelift. (And a Knee Update.)

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