I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of…Grapes?

Good Tuesday, to you!

I broke down today. In more ways than one. I broke down after running my attempt at running. Got about half a mile out and my knee began to feel swollen so I stopped and did a few stretching movements, but that did not seem to help when I started running again. So I turned around and came home. A total of 1.4 miles was covered when I walked through the front door of our house with tears in my eyes. My husband looked at me and all I could say was, “well, that was a big f*cking waste of time.” Then the crocodile tears flowed.

Then he looked at me and said, “well, maybe you should go see one of those doctors that was recommended to you.” To be honest, I was putting it off because I don’t want to see a doctor until necessary. Like life-threatening, brink-of-death, necessary.

And while my life may not be at stake here, my leg is. Note to all: keep any sharp objects away or I may try to sever my leg as it is currently useless, anyway. Kidding. Kind of.

So breakdown #2 occurred and I called the office that was recommended and made an appointment for Friday. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully I’ll get some answers. And some help.

In other news, look at this cute fella who was so agreeable on taking a “lets-get-the-sun-in-our-eyes” picture with me…

image (2){He is so adorbs.}

Not really sure how to make a smooth transition to this, so I’ll just put it out there…

I’m snacking on some grapes…


…and I started thinking. Which is better – red or white grapes?

According to this and this article, red grapes are overall better for a person, although white grapes are preferred for taste. No matter your choice, eating grapes is better than eating ice cream rocks.

What does it take for you to see a doctor?
Which grapes do you prefer?

5 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of…Grapes?

  1. I’m so sorry your knee isn’t getting better! Glad you made a dr appt. I am stubborn and tend to put off going to the dr if I can avoid it (though I pester J to call the second he’s injured/sick) so I understand where you’re coming from. That said I’ve also been injured a lot over the last few years and the last one has knocked me out for almost a year and a half and counting, so I’m not the best example. I hope the dr can give you some insight as to the cause of your pain and a treatment plan and that you’re better soon!

  2. Ugh… I super procrastinate on going to the doctor and am always convinced everything will go away on its own. I hope you go or feel better soon!!! And RED grapes!

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