Colorful Storm.

Not that its big news, but there’s this tropical storm Andrea thing that’s been kind of on top of us for 14 hours. NBD.

IMG_0483Oo, pretty colors!

Although the colors on the map are pretty, the weather it shows is not as much. Its been pretty soggy and windy ’round these parts. Good times.

Also colorful? Painting classes.


Mine looks like a Christmas tree. Not kidding. I’ve never claimed to be artistic. If I did, I’m definitely more of the that-doesn’t-look-like-anything-at-all abstract painter. Unless they are “paint by number,” and these were not. All freehand. The good news is that my husband also thought my tree looked like a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree in a summery sunset. Not weird at all. And I walked out of there with minimal paint on me. Score.

And let’s just keep going with the colorful theme.

IMG_0476Paleo buffalo chicken lettuce wraps.

They were mighty spicy. But nonetheless, tasty. I’d make them again. You can find the recipe in this book.

Are you affected by TS Andrea?
Have you ever done a painting class?
Do you like spicy food?


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