A Run. A Lot of Sweat. A Pathetic Dog.

Phew. That’s quite a few things to cover in one post! Are you ready?

Its go time!

First things first. I went for a run! I went for a run. Sorry, just had to repeat it, because I still can’t believe it. On Tuesday morning, I went for a run.


{Don’t be fooled by my pace time. I pushed it out at the end of my run.}

I woke up early. I threw on my running gear. And I was crossing my fingers and toes that my knee would cooperate. You see, after going two and a half weeks run-less, I was beginning to feel like, well, blargh. That’s the technical term.

I like CrossFit. I really do. But nothing will ever take the place of running in my life. Since I’ve started CF I’ve not run as much, but I’ve been keeping my strength and endurance in running. Until now. When my knee won’t take the beating that it used to. Wahh!

Here it is Thursday evening and I attempted to run. Attempted being the operative word. I got .1 miles down the road. Felt my knee tensing up. Felt as if it were going to crunch at any moment. For a fleeting moment I thought to myself, “self, I can push through it and just get to the end of the street and then reevaluate how it feels before I keep going or turn around and come home. Then it’ll be at least 1 mile.” Then I got smart and said, “self, if I push this and make my knee worse, then I’m really going to super super mad at myself.”

Le sigh. I ran .2 miles today. Point. Two. Seriously, I’m just so aggravated. So I contacted a friend of mine and asked her if she could recommend a good sports doctor. She, instead, recommended an acupuncturist and a myokinestithetic/chiro person. So I’m going to look into it and see if its something that will help.

And yesterday I just wanted to cry even more. Because it was National Running Day (how could you not know by now, as it was published on every major running blog) and I was not able to participate. There’s always next year, though.

Back to the run. It is so. so. so. humid. When I ran it was 73* with a 96% humidity at 6:00 AM. It hadn’t even rained. It was so bad that not only was I a hot sweaty mess. But so were our windows.

IMG_0471  IMG_0468

In other news, my dog is the most pathetic thing. Ever.


She is currently rocking the satellite dish look. She might look pathetic but she is certainly the cutest satellite dish I’ve ever seen. Not that it matters to you much, but she has this sore on her ear that she won’t let heal because she keeps scratching it open so she was prescribed a satellite dish cone and some antibiotics. Pathetic li’l thing.

If you’ve ever had a running (knee) injury, what did you do about it?
Is it already hot and humid where you live?

Do you have satellite or cable?


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