Posted in June 2013

Mix vs Match.

Happy, happy Friday to all of you lovely people! I’ll start off with a knee update. It’s been one week today since I’ve visited the chiropractor and massage therapist. I went for a little 3.6 mile jaunt Wednesday morning and was left with a little bit of lingering soreness, but nothing debilitating. I stretched myself … Continue reading

Sweat Tee.

Sweat tee. Sweaty. Get it? I know. I’m just hilarious… But that’s what I was this morning. It was humid! Hello, summer and your 77* temps and 96% humidity at 6 AM! My shirt was drenched by time I got home (and that was even before I indulged in the sprinklers…). This morning I went … Continue reading

Facelift. (And a Knee Update.)

Why yes, I have had a little work done (on my blog). Thanks for noticing. Or maybe you didn’t. If you haven’t, here’s what I used to look like:{The old me.} I know, even that was a switch up from what I looked like. I wanted to pull a Madonna and completely reinvent myself. I’m … Continue reading


{Things are going to get serious. Like deep and serious.} I’ve been unfortunate to be around death far too many times in my 20-something years of life on Earth. I lost all of my immediate family before I turned 18 as well as some of the people who I considered family. In light of a … Continue reading

I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of…Grapes?

Good Tuesday, to you! I broke down today. In more ways than one. I broke down after running my attempt at running. Got about half a mile out and my knee began to feel swollen so I stopped and did a few stretching movements, but that did not seem to help when I started running … Continue reading


Happy Monday! Let me start this off by saying that I went to the eye doctor last week and decided to get an upgrade to my glasses. I’m loving my new spectacles. I am feel so smart! And they’re much more gooder than my 8 year old pair. That’s like 40 years old in glasses … Continue reading

Positive Changes.

A couple days of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to talk about some positive changes in my life. Then I was struck with this useless knee syndrome. This knee issue has me pretty bummed, I’m not going to lie, and because of this, there is no more of a perfect time to … Continue reading

Colorful Storm.

Not that its big news, but there’s this tropical storm Andrea thing that’s been kind of on top of us for 14 hours. NBD. Oo, pretty colors! Although the colors on the map are pretty, the weather it shows is not as much. Its been pretty soggy and windy ’round these parts. Good times. Also … Continue reading

A Run. A Lot of Sweat. A Pathetic Dog.

Phew. That’s quite a few things to cover in one post! Are you ready? Its go time! First things first. I went for a run! I went for a run. Sorry, just had to repeat it, because I still can’t believe it. On Tuesday morning, I went for a run. {Don’t be fooled by my … Continue reading