Rebelling Knee.

Hello! Long time no see! I hate that this work stuff is getting in the way of my social life.

I told you in my last post that I’d be talking about some positive changes. Well. We’ll have to put that off. Again. Because I’m not feeling positive right now.

Let’s just say I haven’t run in 12 days. 12 DAYS. Just putting that down in writing and reading it makes me want to cry. That’s (carry the 1 .. and ..) 2 days shy of 2 weeks!

What had happened was… Two weeks ago, I ran the most brutal mile I’ve ever run in my life. Yes, it was even worse than the timed mile run we had to run in high school (I was never an athlete, so running was tough). This mile was our CF workout. 16 x 100m repeats. Let’s not get into too much detail about the workout because it was 2 weeks ago and my memory is limited no one cares.

Anywho… That brutal mile tore up my hammies. They were on fire. I rolled out and stretched really well afterwards. But it didn’t seem to help when I woke up and tried to walk. Woof. I stretched it out the next day also and rested them. On Friday after that brutal mile, I woke up early to go out and get in a good 10 miles.

There was no 10 miles. And there was no good about it. It was hard. It was painful. It was not fun. My hammies were tight. My body was achy. And my breathing was off. Way off. I couldn’t get my running or my breathing into a good rhythm. Everything just felt off. I had to stop to stretch out my screaming legs more times than I’d like to admit. By time I got back, I did cover just over 9 miles. And I told myself, “only .x amount more and I’ll have covered the original 10 I was shooting for.” By time I got to that point though, even my knees were rebelling against me. And they did just that all. day. long. I limped around like a had a peg leg.

And the rebelling hasn’t stopped. For almost 2 weeks. The two days following that run, my shin and/or knee gave me trouble.  So I rested them. The following Wednesday, I met up with some peeps and tested myself. I got to .5 mile and had to turn around and walk back to my car. And I wanted to cry the whole way back. It hurt so badly that I limped around the rest of the day. Just like the previous Friday.

With a 5k coming up on Saturday, I knew rest is what my knee needed. I’ve had no trouble completing the workouts in CF. Its the running that hurts.

Fast forward to this past Saturday (the date of the 5k) and I warmed up with a few slow 400m runs. First one, felt okay. Tough to breath, but doable. The second one, I didn’t feel 100%, but I was still okay. The third one, well, it was a repeat of the second. The fourth one. Well. This was awful. I got to 200m and when I slowed down to turn around, I felt it. My knee was rebelling. Again.

So. Now I just want to cry because I’m so frustrated with this useless defective part of my body. I’ve done some a lot of research and with my own expertise, I’ve self diagnosed this as a tight IT band that is aggravating my Gerdy’s Tubercle. The cure? Stretching. More than I used to do.

I’ve continued my stretching. And will continue my resting (i.e. not running) and will take ‘er out for another test drive Friday morning. When If I ever get better, I will take better care of my body. Because this is driving me nuts.

In other news, I’m a horrible swimmer. Yes, I’ve taken up not drowning swimming. And I’ve realized that I’m not graceful. At all. I’m fabulous at that whole froggy kick swim but not at freestyle.

Sorry the long windedness (yes, totally a word) of this post and the lack of pictures to keep you from reading the words …

Have you ever heard of Gerdy’s Tubercle?
Do you swim?


9 thoughts on “Rebelling Knee.

  1. Haha! I feel like I’m an ugly swimmer as well. Hang in there. I totally feel your pain with tight hammies. Last week, I did an abundance of dead lifts (trying to get bikini ready for honeymoon) & could hardly walk by the weekend. Running injuries are so emotional to get over, too. I feel ya. Happy stretching & resting!

      • Yeh, my first attempt at deadlifts I totally jacked up my back. It definitely takes some getting used to.
        I am getting excited! Seems so close yet so far away at the same time! 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry you’re injured! Resting is the best thing to do, rather than pushing through. I am definitely NOT a swimmer, despite having a pool for much of my childhood.

    • Thanks! And I’m definitely finding that resting (not running) is a good thing so far! I also grew up with a pool, but I definitely did more of the jumping on the boogie board type swimming than actual swimming, per se…

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