Ugly Food.

Phew! These past few days have been pretty busy. I’ve definitely been getting my sweat on and making up for my lazy weekend.

Monday: CrossFit
Strength: 2-2-2-2-2 Squat Snatch Skillwork
Strength: 7-5-3-7 Back Squat
METCON: 21-15-9, chin-ups and KTE (knees to elbows); 400m run between each round (finished in 9:49 and used the green band for chin-up assistance).

Tuesday: Bike
Well, I wanted to get up early to run. And since we’ve already established that I can be am lazy, we’ll just say that a later bed time Monday night meant a later wake up time Tuesday morning. So, B and I got the bikes out (after work) and headed out for a 6 mile ride.



Wednesday: (yes, today) Run (& hopefully CF this afternoon)
This morning I was up early. Like before my alarm went off, early. But I still laid in bed ’til my alarm went off. Was up and out the door by 5:15 to meet a group of people for an 8 mile run. And I should really really take pictures, because the scenery on this run during the sunrise is gorg.

My upper back and shoulders and triceps and chest and quads are still so sore from Monday! I guess you can say everything but my eyeballs are sore. Yeesh. But so worth it.

Last week we made chili for dinner. And it was delicious. And I love chili. I came to realize something though, it is one of the ugliest photographed foods. Ever. There aren’t many appetizing pictures of chili. It will hardly ever look as good as it tastes, and that’s okay in my book.


How have you been keeping yourself busy, lately?
Do you ever do group workouts (classes, runs, biking, etc)?
Thoughts on non-photogenic food?


2 thoughts on “Ugly Food.

  1. I’ve posted a few ugly food pics and later wondered what I was thinking. Chocolate oatmeal comes to mind. There is just no way for that to look appealing (though it IS delicious).

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