Lazy Weekend.

And by lazy I mean I laid around and watch Real Housewives reruns forcing Bruce to feed me grapes and refill my wine didn’t workout. Not really because I didn’t want to workout. But because I didn’t want to workout in 20mph winds with the rain pouring down. I don’t mind rain. And I don’t mind (some) wind. But I don’t like both. At the same time. Yes, I’m a wimp. Don’t judge.

rainDreary day.

Saturday, I had some family friends that came into town to have lunch. We took them on a scenic detour through downtown and over the bridge to eat lunch. Then on Sunday, rather than being a total sloth, I made myself useful and actually did (7 loads of) laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Dusted. Made a meal plan. Went grocery shopping. Made dessert (!). Straightened up the house. And took pictures with my little snotface.

photo(1)Misbehaving like a true camera hog.

photo(2)This is what I was going for.

I ❤ my pup.

Now its Monday. And I’m back at work. And I want to cry. Because its Monday and I’m back at work. And I’m still sore from Thursday. I’m looking forward to CrossFit tonight!

When you have a workout planned, do you do it regardless of weather?
Is your pet a camera hog or camera shy?
Do you watch mindless TV any reality shows?


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