My First (Ultra) Relay.

This past weekend me and 11 other people got together to run a 200 mile ultra relay. I know, “12 people, how is that an ultra?”

For those who don’t know about relays, here’s the 411:
– There are two types of teams
– Full: 12 man team; each person runs 3 times
– Ultra: 6 man team; each person runs 6 times

We had 2 ultra teams (hence 12 people) so that every person had a running buddy. Definitely helped beat the boredom on the road at 3 AM.

Let me also tell you this: This was one of the best weekend I’ve had. It was such an incredible experience and I cannot wait ’til next year to do it again with the same awesome and fun bunch of people!

We were all deliriously happy (and tired). We’re not the fastest, but damnit, I think we were the funnest. It took us 32:49:00 to make it to the finish line, which was such an emotional moment.

I know in the past I had trouble with finding my running mojo again. Finding that fuel for my running fire. This past weekend has more than rejuvenated my passion. And all I want to do is run! I feel like I’m having an affair with running. I get giddy on the inside just thinking about running. I look forward to running. Right now I’m taking a day off of running because my calves are quite tight (only took one rest day after the relay, but ran the following 3 days); but I’m looking forward to lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement again…

I’ll do a full half-assed race recap in the next couple days. But for now, here’s a picture of me lacing up for my 3 AM run…

IMG_1926 v2

4 thoughts on “My First (Ultra) Relay.

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