The Time I Ran 10.5 Miles in DC.

So, B and I are still in DC and I was lucky enough that my training was over at 10:30 yesterday morning. I know, tough life I’m having up here, but someone’s got to do it. In any case, I really wanted to get out and explore the trails of DC. Disappoint, they did not. We’re not as lucky to have trails in Charleston. We have paths but they’re not paved and, to be frank, they’re not very well taken care of. So I generally stick with the sidewalks and roads.

I digress. The point of this is that I went running to explore a little bit of the ‘back side’ of DC. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…







Afterwards I knew I needed to refuel. According this article, a good mix of carbs and protein. But I’m not so sure they had an iced skinny macchiato and a KIND bar in mind during the writing of the article. Oh well. Got the job done.


Followed by a 20 minute yoga/stretching sesh (yes, I just shorthanded session…don’t judge), then I put on my compression sleeves and gave myself a nice foot massage to rub the soreness out of my plantar fascia. Ain’t nobody got time for plantar fasciitis. Its amazing how much the stretching has helped. I ran 9.25 miles last weekend and I did not feel this good after that run. I also did not stretch (like I should have) after that run. But you live and learn, I suppose.

– Do you have trails in your city?
– What do you use for refueling after a long run?
– Do you stretch and/or foam roll after a tough workout (running or otherwise)?


5 thoughts on “The Time I Ran 10.5 Miles in DC.

  1. I wish we had trails! We have some within driving distance (about 20-30 minute away) but not really any in town. There are some hiking trails that are runnable so I make do with those.

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