Haitus Explained.

I know I haven’t made an appearance for a while. I’m sorry. You’re welcome. And while I’m not even stopping in for a long visit, I’m stopping it to explain myself. Not that I actually need to. Not that you actually care. I’ll do it anyway. Because I haven’t babbled over my interwebs in a while.

Last week I worked. And worked. Ate a little. Did some CrossFit. And worked some more. I put in quite a few hours of OT. Needless to say, when at work, I had no downtime (like I do at this very moment as I type this), and when I did have a few spare minutes (at home) the last thing I wanted to do was get use a computer anything electronic.

I am alive and well, as I’m sure you’ve been wondering. Totally kidding. And I do plan to come back to stay for some crumpets and tea, but for now I’ve got to go.

And if you’re really curious, here’s what last week looked like (when I wasn’t working) not as much running going on as I had originally planned:
Sunday – Rest
Monday – CrossFit
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – CrossFit
Thursday – CrossFit Open 13.1
Friday – Rest
Saturday – CrossFit

And here’s a picture. Because I can.



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