Posted in March 2013

The Time I Ran 10.5 Miles in DC.

So, B and I are still in DC and I was lucky enough that my training was over at 10:30 yesterday morning. I know, tough life I’m having up here, but someone’s got to do it. In any case, I really wanted to get out and explore the trails of DC. Disappoint, they did not. … Continue reading

I’m a Stranger in my Own Home.

It has been quite some time since I last dropped in to say hello and because of that, I now feel like a stranger here. But I’m sure we can quickly become reacquainted. There have been all sorts of fun things going on lately! I’m not sure where to begin…but I won’t go back a … Continue reading

Haitus Explained.

I know I haven’t made an appearance for a while. I’m sorry. You’re welcome. And while I’m not even stopping in for a long visit, I’m stopping it to explain myself. Not that I actually need to. Not that you actually care. I’ll do it anyway. Because I haven’t babbled over my interwebs in a … Continue reading

The Weekend of New Recipes.

This weekend B and I decided to experiment with a few new recipes, always fun! Ham. Green Beans. Au Gratin Potatoes. Yes, ham is a totally new subject to cook. Kidding. The recipe called for sweet potatoes and russet potatoes, but we nixed the sweet ones. This was definitely a good recipe! Also, if you’re short … Continue reading