Testosterone and Sugar Filled Weekend.

Friday afternoon my husband decided to bring home 2 extra boys. That means we had to deal with 4 bundles of raging testosteronical hormones joy.


We grilled out some burgers and had a side of slightly overcooked sweet potato fries. And we made a fire in the backyard and had some smores. Gah, I love those things! Did you know there are EXTRA JUMBO LARGE marshmallows?! I almost wanted to buy 15 packages and make a perfect marshmallowy body pillow.

Saturday we went kayaking. I’d never been but was definitely excited about going. And it was awesome to take advantage of the 60* temps we’ve been having here. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.


I didn’t snap any pics of us actually kayaking; taking the phone out of the dry sack to do that would’ve been a lot of effort. So what I’m telling you is that you’ll have to take my word for it that we actually kayaked.

Followed by some fro-yo (complete with obligatory pic…)


Never said the pic was pretty. I was half way through enjoying my frozen sugary laden treat.

That night I had a special request to make ooey-gooey-fudgy-brownies because I’m the most awesomest brownie maker ever they’re good…. I usually cheat and use the box stuff, but we had none. So, I had to use a real recipe to make them from scratch. So I used this one. I followed it to a “t,” and now I won’t be using may not ever use anything else. I only had one two. I have no self control around brownies. Don’t judge me.


They were so tasty but next time I’m going to try some substituting.

Sunday I ran 7 miles. 1:08:45. 9:49 m/m. Damn straight. I’m proud of that. Came home and tried to be all I’m such a rockstar I’m going to do some tabata core work and deep stretching and my dog was all no you’re not, I won’t let you.

She rained rolled on my parade. Like a freak.

Have you ever been kayaking?
Do you make and/or eat brownies and froyo like a boss?

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