Oy. I’m still reeling from Tuesdays’s WOD!

4 Rounds for Time:
16 Deadlifts @ body weight
16 TTB (toes to bar)
8 Wall Balls

I couldn’t do my body weight so I stuck with 105 pounds (although some thought that was my weight, thanks people!). Aaand I have little weakling arms so I had to do piked box pushups. Aaand I can’t do TTB so I did KTE (knees to elbows). I did the wall balls though!

Those deadlifts killed my lower back. I didn’t lift with my back, but I still used those muscles to help get that weight up. I felt the burn in my glutes and my hammies, but my back was so, SO sore yesterday.

Then we had some blackened cod, rice and edamame for dinner. Yum. Yum.


Followed by a honey oat bran muffin. With peanut butter. Because peanut butter makes everything tastier. Duh.


Yesterday I ran. I took off CF (even though it was open gym) and decided to go for a nice long run. Long for me right now is anything over 4 miles. Don’t judge.

5.3 miles. 53:18. 10:03 pace. Well, not quite as fast as I was hoping since my last few runs have averaged between 9:30 – 9:50 m/m, but I still can’t won’t really complain since I was slow enough to do the whole run without walking and that I actually did 5.3 miles.

And since I’ve been spoiled with a GPS watch, I found out I am probably the most inconsistent pacer. Ever.

2-6-13 Run


Mile 1  9:53
Mile 2  10:16
Mile 3  10:59
Mile 4  9:58
Mile 5  10:09
Mile 5.3  11:57

I’m usually a positive person in the glass is half full kind of way. Apparently that spills over into splits too.

Just something else to work on. *le sigh.*

Do you have back soreness after deadlifts?
Are you a positive (split) person?


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